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San Diego Mentorship Network

Connections That Create Stronger Communities

Join the San Diego Mentorship Network

Membership in the San Diego Mentorship Network means: (1) access to proven best practices that improve outcomes and impact, (2) connections for your participants to critical resources and expertise available from other members, eliminating duplication of services, and (3) building an innovative new model of nonprofit partnership that will attract support from funders drawn to this powerful collaboration

The physical and virtual community enhances collaboration by: promoting existing work and driving recruitment through outreach and events; creating program partnerships between organizations that encourages the sharing of resources; increasing referrals of trained mentors and mentees; identifying, celebrating, and sharing individual and programmatic successes; and facilitating training and capacity-building opportunities. The San Diego Mentorship Network will establish a comprehensive, easily-searchable, targeted directory of mentorship programs where anyone can locate up-to-date information on over a hundred mentorship programs across San Diego County.